Satellite Interiors is helping many hotels attract their key clientele and keep them coming back. Satellite can help you deliver the design your clientele wants to stay in again and again. Satellite provides quality architecture and interior design whether you need your building reclad, your public areas refurbished, a rethink on the way your spaces are used, or maybe you need an entire new building. We have many happy clients for whom we deliver quality projects with absolute attention to budget, timing and of course design. Are you ready for a fresh start? At satellite interiors we are interested in designing an experience that flows from check-in to sleeping, from drinking to dining. We understand how to create successful and profitable destinations and are keenly aware of the importance of a designs? bottom-line success.

At Satellite Interiors we are well informed of the changes in the hotel and leisure industry; the change from business or leisure travel to a hybrid of the two reflects the way people actually live and use spaces. Work and play are merging and clients need to be able to customise their experience. This flexibility can also increase the longevity of designs, again increasing the bottom-line. Clients are also showing more interest in the environment. As experts in sustainability, we know how to get the most value out of a budget to create a sustainable, design-led, project with a sense of place that guests want to return to as their home away from home.